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Private Secretaries

Michelle Thompson

I am one of Mr Krishna’s private secretaries and have been a medical secretary for 15 years. My role is to book appointments, answer patient queries via telephone and email, book surgeries and type up notes. To book an appointment with Mr Krishna, or to find out when his next clinics are, please email me at secretary@spinalsurgeon.com or telephone 07813 568 585 or 01642 782 245.

Lee Hazell

I am also Mr Krishna’s private secretary – as Michelle and I job share. I have worked for Mr Krishna for four years, and prior to that I was a medical secretary in the NHS for eight years. My main role is to deal with patient queries and referrals from GPs and other healthcare professionals, book appointments and treatments and produce medical notes. To contact me about booking an appointment to see Mr Krishna, contact me at secretary@spinalsurgeon.com or telephone 07813 568 585 or 01642 782 245

Sandra Wearmouth

I work for Mr Krishna and have supported the Secretaries with their administration duties for over two years.


Patient and Primary Care Liaison

 Sally Howe

I work as Mr Krishna’s Patient Liaison, and attend clinics at both the York and Tees Nuffield Hospitals. I am on hand to support patients, both before and after their consultation; not only in clinic, but once they have returned home. Thereafter, I am on hand to support patient’s post-treatment for as long as required. I also run the Coffee Mornings designed to support patients in choosing the right treatment for them. I am a former patient of Mr Krishna, having undergone both low back surgery and a cervical disc replacement. This puts me in a unique position to understand exactly what patients are going through! If you would like to contact me – please email me at sally@spinalsurgeon.com or telephone 07714503395

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Please contact my secretaries on 07813 568 585/01642 782 245 or email secretary@spinalsurgeon.com to book an appointment.

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