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Sex and Back Pain

Sex and Back Pain

Many people find that back pain inhibits or even prevent normal sexual relationships.

This can place additional strains on existing or future relationships. This does not have to be permanent. Your back problem does not have to stop you achieving a mutually satisfying sexual relationship.

In order to achieve this you may have to make changes to your love making techniques. In order to do so, good communication is essential! When did you last talk to your partner about your sex life?

Often people find it embarrassing to discuss this especially if prior to their back problem there was an existing lack of communication.


In order to enjoy a satisfactory sex life, you must be able to talk to your partner.

Do this in a positive way, tell your partner what you like or dislike, so that together you can overcome any difficulties. Giving and receiving sexual pleasure does not have to mean penetrative intercourse.

At first you may want to limit your love making to kissing, cuddling, stroking and touching. Remember that pleasure, expression of affection and closeness includes touching non-sexual as well as sexual areas. Also, both partners can reach an orgasm without penetrative sex.

Comfortable Positions

The room you are in needs to be warm enough not to required blankets or duvets.

This does not have to be the bedroom; it could be the lounge or bathroom for example. If a warm bath or shower eases your back have one before you start. Make sure you have enough pillows, cushions or other support that you may need.

Remember to take your time, longer foreplay should help to make sex more comfortable and satisfying, if extra vaginal lubrication is required, most chemists sell KY or Durex jelly. Many people think the normal position for intercourse is with the man on top. However, if this position is painful for you, then you need to try different positions.

Do not be afraid to experiment until you find a position or positions that are comfortable for you both. Usually it is more comfortable if the partner who is not in pain produces more of the movement. The following positions may be helpful but remember everyone is an individual so you may need to modify or experiment in order to achieve a comfortable position for both of you.

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