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John Todd

John Todd

I’m John and I would like to share my experiences that lead to me now living a very active life following many years of nerve pain.

Iā€™m 51 years old, self-employed and an ex rugby player (probably a major cause of all this).

About 10 years ago, I started to suffer from severe neck and shoulder pain which over time became worse. It has prevented me from sleeping, playing sport, it has affected my ability to work and has caused both me and my family a lot of stress.

I have made many visits to doctors, physiotherapists and have had X-rays, medication, acupuncture and even seen a chiropractor to try and alleviate my pain ā€“ but nothing seemed to work.

During the last few years, the pain had become unbearable and my balance and spatial awareness were now being affected, to the point where I was walking into solid objects and was losing the use of my right arm.

I asked my doctor for a referral to a specialist. Having previously been treated by Mr. Krishna, I requested that I be referred to him once again. After visiting Mr. Krishna on several occasions, he suggested a double cervical disc replacement operation. After discussing the details, we both agreed that this was the way forward. I had the operation at the beginning of September 2008. The operation was a great success, so much so I was able to be discharged the very next day! Since then, I have no pain at all and can do anything I want to and live a normal, very active life.

I now sleep very well and am able to run, cycle, play sports ā€“ in fact anything! and to have no pain is absolutely wonderful. Thank you Mr. Krishna for giving me back my life.

If you would like to contact John directly please email toddybex@hotmail.com

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