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Sandra Harper

Sandra Harper

I first started to have problems with my back when I was 26 years old.  A simple movement would make my back seize up and I would be in severe pain for 2-3 weeks.

At first I used to go to the doctor and the comments were always the same – its muscular, don’t bend, don’t lift anything heavy and take anti-inflamatories.  The tablets didn’t help so I stopped taking them and eventually I also stopped going to my GP because I knew it was a waste of time – I felt like no-one was listening.

I was fortunate that when my back was not in spasm I could lead a normal life – the only permanent problem was I was unable to sit for any longer than about 15 minutes, I would start to fidget as my back started to hurt and I got twinges down my legs.  When I stood up I was unable to stand up straight, I would be in a stooped position for a minute or so before I was gradually able to stand up straight and walk properly.

I had also started to suffer with my neck and would get severe headaches, pain down my arm and numbness in my fingers.  In 2007 I had been on holiday and put my back out at the airport.  After an agonising 9 hours on a plane then a 2 hour drive from the airport I was so distressed I went to see my GP (a new addition to our practice) and she thought I had slipped a disc and sent me for x-rays – the result of which meant she referred me to Mr Krishna.

After an MRI I was told I needed two operations.  I had a PLIF (L5/S1) in January 2008 and the following year I had two replacement discs in my neck (C5/6/7).  Following my first surgery (in fact 13 weeks to the day) I was on the ski slopes in Canada.

I am extremely grateful to my GP for referring me to Mr Krishna and hope in the future more GPs become aware that back pain isn’t always someone looking for a sick-note!  I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate what Manoj has done for me.  Someone listened to me, found there was a problem and put it right.  Manoj really does rock!!”……

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