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Yvonne Flanagan

Yvonne Flanagan

My back started 30 years ago unplugging my hoover. I had surgery 25 years ago to remove a disc but they dislodged another.

I have had pain every day of my life. I also had 2 young children. I have had loads of injections over the years, traction about twice a year and then finally my doctor sent me to Lawson Street for Physiotherapy.

They tried acupuncture, but it nothing worked and then they send me back to Physio with Steve Carter. He suggested I might need surgery, so he sent me to see Mr Krishna in February. I went through different tests and had my back surgery in January 2011.

It was a huge success and I am now back at work full time and am not taking any medication. Its nice to be pain free and with a smile!

If you would like to contact Yvonne directly please email george.flanagan29@ntlworld.com

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