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Yvonne Wallace

Yvonne Wallace

My back problems started in 1996 with a simple bend forward to pick up a cup of tea. I was unable to straighten up as my back had gone into a spasm.

This started a journey of similar episodes over a two year period. After several visits to my GP I was referred to Mr Krishna in 1998. He took the relevant X-rays, scans and examinations. His advice was that I undertake a core stability programme coupled with exercise, as he felt that at that stage there was a lot I could do to help myself, by strengthening my core muscles and increasing my general fitness.

I took his advice and grew passionate about health and fitness. By undertaking this exercise I was able to lead a full like, apart from five episodes of spasm, for four years. After that time the spasms increased in intensity and regularity and the times between these episodes became less so that there was never a time when I was pain free. At that point I was unable to exercise, unable to drive very far and my day to day life was deteriorating rapidly. My GP referred me to Mr Krishna once again.

After discussions with Mr Krishna it was decided that surgery was the only real option for me and I had an inter-body fusion on two levels in November 2003. I can honestly say I was not worried about the surgery. I was in hospital for four days and returned to work on the tenth day following my surgery. I started driving a few days after that and I was back at the gym within three weeks. I embarked on an exercise programme that gradually included everything I was doing before the surgery.

I am completely pain free now and have been for over 3 years. After surgery I had a slight problem with numbness to the top of my left foot, but that gradually disappeared. I travel a great deal as part of my business and I regularly drive in excess of 6 hours per day with no problems at all. I swim, jog, power walk, attend exercise classes and have a very active working and social life.

As a postscript to my story, due to my successful back surgery, I have referred other patients to Mr Krishna. These patients have travelled from as far away as London to have surgery. All of these patients have been delighted with the results.

If you would like to contact Yvonne directly please emailyvonne@designerdental.co.uk

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