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I Begged My Surgeon For a Back Transplant


Sarah Threlkeld-Brown, 40, from Cumbria, UK, had resigned herself to years of pain in a wheelchair, until one doctor changed her life

Puffing my way up the mountain, I smiled. I’d finally reached the top of Catbells, a 450-metre fell near our Lake District home in the UK, and sat down, exhausted but happy. It was my birthday and I laughed as my husband Geoff, 46, and two children Harry, 13, and Caitlyn, nine, sang Happy Birthday to me. Even our dog Poppy sensed the excitement when they gave me a little cake with ‘40’ on it.
Climbing a mountain, albeit a small one, had always been on my bucket list. But that day, as I looked back at how far we’d climbed, I felt a real sense of achievement. After suffering crippling back pains for 15 years, I’d seen my future in a wheelchair, and in my darker moments I wasn’t even sure if 
I would make it to 40. Yet there I 
was – happy, healthy and mobile.

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