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Audit and Research

Audit and Research


  1. Less invasive posterior lumbar interbody fusion and obesity: clinical outcomes and return to work.
  2. Are high-intensity zones and Modic changes mutually exclusive in symptomatic lumbar degenerative discs?
  3. Does Symptom Duration Correlate Negatively With Outcome After Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion for Chronic Low Back Pain?
  4. Do design variations in the artificial disc influence cervical spine biomechanics? A finite element investigation.
  5. Significantly improved outcomes with a less invasive posterior lumbar interbody fusion incorporating total facetectomy.
  6. Primary erector spinae pyomyositis causing an epidural abscess: case report and literature review.
  7. Donor site morbidity following iliac crest bone harvesting for cervical fusion: a comparison between minimally invasive and open techniques.
  8. Lumbar total disc arthroplasty: coronal midline definition and optimal TDA placement.
  9. The accuracy and validity of “routine” X-rays in estimating lumbar disc arthroplasty placement.
  10. Significantly improved lumbar arthroplasty placement using image guidance: technical note.
  11. Subsidence and malplacement with the Oblique Maverick Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty: technical note.
  12. Incidence, etiology, classification, and management of neuralgia after posterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery in 226 patients.
  13. Reverse transformation of Modic type 2 changes to Modic type 1 changes during sustained chronic low-back pain severity. Report of two cases and review of the literature.
  14. Cement leakage in percutaneous vertebroplasty: effect of preinjection gelfoam embolization.
  15. Effect of psychological status on outcome of posterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery
  16. Prevalence of Insomnia in patients with chronic back pain.
  17. Effect of Psychological Status on the Outcome of posterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery
  18. Efficacy of less invasive posterior lumbar interbody fusion as revision surgery for patients with recurrent symptoms after discectomy
  19. Patient Quality Audit 2013
  20. April 14 Research Paper


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