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Visit me in Clinic or Theatre

Visit me in Clinic or Theatre

State of the Art Camera Equipment at Nuffield Health Tees Hospital

State of the art head camera equipment in theatre provides accurate stills and videos of surgery, which are transmitted on to a computer monitor, making it ideal for observers to fully understand the intricate details of spinal surgeries, as well as see detailed spinal anatomy including neural structures.

I am always happy to invite fellow health care practitioners to come in and observe me in theatre or clinic. Several colleagues have already accepted this invitation and have reported that they found the experiences both interesting and inspiring.

Gary Hall – from Wansbeck Chiropractic Clinic in Ashington Northumberland visited me in clinic and comments –

‘As a chiropractor one would like to help all back pain sufferers, however, there comes a time when surgical intervention is the only and best option open to a patient for long term pain relief. It was interesting therefore, to see this side of clinical care and somewhat refreshing to witness the way that Mr Krishna took a very much patient centred approach.

I thought Mr Krishna’s methods of using his website and spinal support group meetings in order to help patients understand and alleviate any concerns they may have, were excellent. I found the day to be of great benefit, not only to discuss the many interesting cases I saw that day, but also to gain a greater understanding of the experience that patients have of surgery’.

Crispin Birch, an Osteopath at Scarborough Osteopaths in Scarborough writes about his experience of observing surgery…..

‘I recently spent time with Mr Krishna and his team in theatre at the Nuffield Hospital in Norton. This included observing a three level PLIF and facet joint injections to the cervical and lumbar spine. I found the observation to be of huge value.

It was fascinating to see the whole operation from start to finish and thanks to Mr Krishna, to be told of what he was doing at each stage. I was impressed by the calmness of the whole team who worked together like a well-oiled machine. The experience has particularly helped me in my patient management – for those of my patients who require spinal surgery, I can now help allay some of their fears’.

David Carter – an Osteopath from Inverness writes..

‘I first met Manoj Krishna when he delivered a CPD lecture to the Scottish Osteopathic Society in June 2010 in Edinburgh and have been meaning to visit him for some time. I referred a patient to him last year for cervical disc surgery which was a great success. So having arranged a visit via his secretaries I set off from Inverness for Stockton-on-Tees.
On the first afternoon I attended the clinic and saw over a dozen patients, both pre and post operative. What was remarkable was the stories they told of sometimes 20-30 years of pain which had either completely resolved or reduced to minimal levels after surgery. This almost always led to a return to normal life that they had almost given up on – surely what we are all trying to achieve for our patients. Some of the recovery times are truly extraordinary.
The second day I spent 7 hours in theatre with Manoj and his team. Outstanding! You get to watch the operations on a screen with excellent clarity, and he tells you what he’s doing and you also get to ask any questions that you might have. I saw two cervical disc replacement operations and a lumbar PLIF (look it up on the website).
If you’ve ever wanted to see what all the bits look like on the inside on a real live person this is the place to go. Thanks to Manoj, Hannah, Lee, Michele and all the team’.

To arrange a visit to clinic or theatre, please contact my private secretaries Michelle or Lee on 07813 568 585 or email your request to secretary@spinalsurgeon.com and we will find a time and date that would be suitable.

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Please contact my secretaries on 07813 568 585/01642 782 245 or email secretary@spinalsurgeon.com to book an appointment.

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