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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

A physiotherapist (a health professional who specialises in maintaining and improving movement and mobility) may be able to help you design a programme to help you exercise and stretch.

Alternatively, your GP may refer you for physical therapy such as physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment or osteopathy (therapies that are given alongside conventional treatments) to help with your back pain. Treatment can involve exercises, posture advice, massage, and techniques known as spinal mobilisation and spinal manipulation. Treatment courses usually last about six to 12 weeks.

These therapies are typically extremely safe and should be tried as the first line of treatment. Most patients symptoms settle down with a combination of pain killers and physical therapy of one sort or the other.
I have seen patients helped by all the different forms of physical therapy.

Its usually a good idea to combine physical therapy with a spinal fitness program e.g. as seen on our website. The mechanisms by which these therapies provide pain relief is often unknown, but they are all known to be effective in most cases.

If the physical therapy is not working or making you worse, then that’s a good time to consider referral to a specialist. It’s important to understand that these therapies help reduce symptoms, but usually do not cure the underlying problems- so symptoms can re-occur in some cases.

A full list of the physical therapists we work with can be found on our website.